About the B.A. and the Licentiate Degrees



The undergraduate degree in History prepares our students to deal with the multiple thematic, theoretical, methodological and professional aspects involving the historian’s activities. Students can graduate with two degrees: the Licentiate and the B.A. The Licentiate degree aims at training future education professionals, preparing them both for their teaching activities and for providing pedagogical support relative to the administration of courses, planning, research, creation of teaching materials, etc. The B.A. degree, in turn, seeks to train students in research activities relevant to a diversified field, which includes areas such as heritage, curatorship, consultancy and publishing, among others. Notwithstanding, both degrees share, in the department’s view, a common ground of research, teaching and extension activities.

For that reason, the “Pedagogical Project” of the Undergraduate Program seeks to provide all students with a working environment that fosters the development of research practices; that is inclusive of ethnic, racial and cultural diversity; that promotes the teaching of a practice open to complementary contents, such as heritage, museology, urbanism, human rights; that constantly seeks theoretical and methodological innovation; that promotes reflection and the students’ autonomy in their exercise of free thought and in their choice of study priorities.

Hence, the curriculum for either degree is divided in two parts. In the first, students go through a set of mandatory disciplines relative to areas of study and general education. In the second part, students can for the most part choose from a wide offering of elective courses. We believe that this curricular structure is able to provide an appropriate response both to the diversity that marks the professional field of History and to the aim of promoting flexibility and openness.


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Plano de Curso Licenciatura


Plano de Curso Bacharelado

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